Our Purpose

The “Destination Kaiapoi Collective” is a group of businesses operating within Kaiapoi that are working together, in partnership with Kaiapoi Promotions Association (KPA), to promote Kaiapoi as a visitor destination.
By leveraging their collective advertising spend the members will be able to reach a larger potential audience with the “Destination Kaiapoi” message.

How the Collective Works
The KPA is undertaking to coordinate the development and management of regular and consistent marketing activities across all available marketing channels on behalf of the DKC. These activities will target primarily the residents of the northern suburbs of Christchurch and secondarily all of Christchurch, Selwyn, Hurunui, and the rest of Waimakariri.

The DKC has exclusive rights to the Kaiapoi Jingle and will develop a suite of complimentary marketing collateral including images, videos, and print for the use of the DKC.

The DKC will act as a cooperative with all costs and collective purchasing being shared amongst the members.

The KPA is also coordinating with other organisations to have local events included in any relevant marketing campaign delivered on behalf on the DKC.

The Destination Kaiapoi Collective

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The benefits to joining the DKC: 
  • Access to the “Destination Kaiapoi” marketing collateral for stand-alone use at a ‘members only’ pricing.
  • Inclusion in all marketing campaigns delivered and managed for the DKC by KPA at a ‘members only’ pricing.
  • Access to any specials offered to the KPA by media outlets with the right to use DKC marketing collateral as a stand-alone promotion.
  • A single contact point for the management of some, or all, of each members’ advertising.
  • Casual use of DKC marketing collateral:
Any Kaiapoi based business may request the use of the DKC marketing collateral for their own stand-alone marketing efforts and will be charged at a casual rate plus administration fees for that use.